Pubslush - The crowd funding platform for authors

Pubslush is a publishing platform with a cause. Authors fundraise and gauge the initial market for new book ideas, trend setting readers pledge their support to bring books to life, and Pubslush supports children's literacy initiatives worldwide.

Would a seminar go well with your book? Develop extra income with live events using Eventbrite

Eventbrite gives you all the online tools you need to bring people together for an event and sell tickets.

They help you create events using four core principles;

Publish/ Promote/ Manage/ Sell Out

The 100 most wished for books on Amazon

Online retailer Amazon, kindly curates lists of information for us about their customers habits. 

Self publishers can use this data to help find what readers are wanting to buy. Amazon has a "Most Wished For" list, which as the name suggests, is a list of books that people have put on their wishlist ready to buy in the future. 

Do you realise how valuable this is? 

The first self published author to sell over 1 million books via kindle

John Locke has become the first independent author to sell more than 1 million eBooks through Kindles Direct Publishing programme.

In a guest post on the jakonrath blog, he explains "For the first time in history, there's an advantage to being an independent author"

He also explains the strange feeling that his success has brought, saying "Today I was contacted about selling the movie rights to my Donovan Creek novels. I was also contacted by a literary agent for representation. On the other hand, I feel weird because I'm the same guy no one paid any attention to last year"

Create an online web page in 60 seconds (Cost $0) - The fastest way to publish a web page

Self publish an actual book with (I dare you)

Self publishing just got made easy with

Create an online digital book store using goodsie

Got a load of ghetto ebooks that you want to sell in one place? Goodsie could be right up your street?

Create a ridiculously well designed website for your book in minutes, with tumblr (Cost $0)

Tumblr is a free blog hosting platform that has awesomely designed templates for you to use. It'll allow you to set up a super slick looking website in just a few minutes and will cost you precisely $0

Sell book related merchandise with cafepress

Cafepress is an online platform that allows you to create and sell merchandise with your stuff on. You upload your artwork/slogan/book title/website address/whatever onto the site, and place it on a variety of different goods which can then be bought by your readers.

Need $$$ to fund your book idea? Turn to crowd funding platforms for help

Crowdsourced funding platforms allow you to raise investment from "the crowd", in order to invest in your book idea.

If enough people want to see your book published, you can ask them to invest in the idea to turn it into reality. Sites offering this facility are:

- Kickstarter (USA)
- Sponsume (UK & Europe)
- Peerbackers (Global)

As Alison Flood reported in the Guardian HERE, Rich Burlew was able to use Kickstarter to raise $1m for his self published webcomic book,

Create & sell ghetto eBooks in minutes - Part II

In a previous post, we explained how you can create and sell Ghetto eBooks in minutes using a combination of Google Docs and Gumroad

In this post, we'll explain how you can create a similar product using a platform called Express Payloadz

(It's probably worth mentioning that a ghetto eBook is a written document that is bought by customers online,

What are the pitfalls one should avoid when self publishing a book?

By Andrew Pyle
Over on Quora, someone asked the question, 

"What are the pitfalls one should avoid when self publishing a book? Also, what are the best practices to be followed?"

This was my reply......